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Spider Man is yet again out of its box, err web. With the last movie in the trilogy coming way back in May 2007, it seemed that spider man was slowly fading away. Nevertheless, some smart marketing campaign, and the strategic opening on the Fourth of July, the movie brought in spectacular openings for the franchise owner Sony Pictures with the moolah grossing nearly $7.5 million.

Directed by Marc Webb with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone being the lead pair, ‘The Amazing Spider Man’ has lived up to its name as per the movie critics. The movie has been well received in America while reports from the overseas markets are slowly pouring in. As compared to Sam Raimi’s Spider Man trilogy that grossed $2.5 billion between the period 2002 and 2007, from all over the world, ‘The Amazing Spider Man’ directed by a new director and with a new cast is expected to rake in good earnings for the franchises. As trade pundits are pointing out, ‘The Amazing Spider Man’ has come after a gap of five years and the new lead pair with the 3D action sequences is surely going to set the ball rolling in favor of the movie.

Although the story of the character’s origin has not been forgotten with the first Spiderman movie coming only a decade ago, yet the popularity of the super hero would make avid movie watchers throng the theatres. The inclusion of Emma Stone along with the movie having a high school story, it is expected that the movie would be able to woo young adults and teens to the theatres.

The first opening weekend for the movie as assessed has been good so far with the audiences not expecting too much out of the movie, as they are familiar with the story. However, as mentioned, the 3D action sequences along with a slightly different angle in the movie coupled has worked in favor of ‘The Amazing Spider Man’.

The movie has been well accepted in the overseas markets over the weekend where it has raked in more than $50 million from just 13 territories in Asia, the rest opening up soon. Well, it is a fact that the Spider Man brand has seen better results in the overseas markets rather than in the home market. The best example of this has been Spider Man 3 which saw the lowest-grossing performance in North America while the movie was unusually successful in the international market. Americans had touted Spider Man 3 as the worst film of the trilogy but its overseas collections out right negated this ruling. Now with ‘The Amazing Spider Man’ already showing good results in the first week, the franchises are expecting similar results.

‘The Amazing Spider Man’ is expected to touch around $65 million over the weekend while the total collections going up $140 million during the week, from Tuesday to Sunday. The movie still has two week to show its worth as the Caped Crusader is gearing up to shove it aside. Trade critics have agreed that the movie has been a success in the first week, but its true worth would be known only after the second week and beyond– not only in America but in the overseas markets as well.

In the meanwhile other movies like the ‘Kate Perry – Part of Me’, ‘Savages’, ‘Ted’, ‘Magic Mike’ and ‘Brave’ opening during the week are silently but steadily moving bringing in good openings, thanks to the audiences desire to have a great entertaining weekend

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