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A Look Back at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics

Atlanta is a beautiful,vibrant city with many things to offer. It is one of the top metropolitan cities in the entire United States and while it is not on par as far as being a major hub of the world with the likes of New York City or Los Angeles, but it is definitely on par with other major cities, like Boston or Miami. Atlanta is on the upswing, and has been for the better part of two and a half decades, however the city does not always get the respect it deserves.

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The Five Best Atlanta Braves Of All Time

The Atlanta Braves, Georgia’s longest running professional team, is a storied organization with a ton of history and legendary players. From the sixties, to the Ted Turner Era, to becoming “America’s Team” on the Superstation, to The Bobby Cox era, Braves fans have experienced an amazing selection of baseball history.

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